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Energy Procurement Brochure

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and resource efficiency, efficient and conscious energy management is vital. In this brochure, we invite you to discover how we can help you optimise your energy costs and transition to a more sustainable approach.


Find out why we are different and how our Energy Procurement solutions can make a difference to your business.

Tariff Optimisation

What makes Digren different

Meter Profiling

Tendering of seasonal rates

And much more!

What will you find in this brochure?

In this Digren Energy brochure on Energy Procurement, you will find a complete guide on how our company can help you manage and optimise your energy costs in an efficient and sustainable way.


You will learn the difference between energy management and energy awareness, as well as discover what makes Digren different from other companies. We will also introduce you to our specialised services, such as seasonal tariff tendering, meter profiling, tariff optimisation and PSO tariff adjustment, as well as the hedging options available to your business.


You'll find all the information you need to make smart, strategic energy decisions for your business - join the energy transformation with Digren Energy! 

Interested in the service? Visit our Energy Procurement page 


Energy Procurement Brochure

Read more about our organisation and services in our company overview brochure.
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