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Optimise your company's performance with an Energy Profile Analysis

We develop efficient strategies based on your energy profile to drive your business growth in a sustainable way.

When providers are trying to get your business they focus on the unit cost, this is of course important but the difference in unit costs between all the suppliers are minimal. It is crucial to look at your complete bill.

In many cases the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is not suitable for the premises. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct MIC. It is not in the best interest of the providers for you to have this correct. They are in a no lose situation, if the MIC is to high you are paying to much for the capacity.


For example, if your capacity is 300kVA and the maximum ever used was 200 kVA, you could be wasting around €3000 each year. If the MIC is too low and you exceed the kVA then heavier penalties are applied in the form of ‘Excess Capacity Surcharge’.

You may not see all the charges on a DG5 bill but the costs are there hidden in the unit cost. We can tell if you are on the correct tariff.

Understanding Energy Profile Analysis

What exactly is an Energy Profile Analysis?

The energy profile analysis for businesses as a service is a comprehensive system to evaluate the energy consumption of a company or business, identifying opportunities for energy savings and efficiency.


This system is based on the collection and analysis of data such as energy consumption, type of energy used, hours of peak consumption, among others, in order to know the energy consumption profile of the company and be able to make decisions based on concrete data.

Why energy analysis is important for business?

Energy analysis can provide businesses with important data about the energy consumption of their buildings, operations and equipment.


The data gathered through energy analysis can be used to identify energy-saving opportunities and develop strategies to optimise energy usage and reduce energy costs.


Knowing how energy is being used within a business can also help identify potential energy waste, enabling businesses to take proactive steps to reduce their energy consumption and emissions. Additionally, carrying out energy analysis can help businesses to better understand their carbon footprint and identify any areas of improvement that can help reduce their environmental impact.

Why pay more than you have to?

This is a common question asked in relation to energy costs and is mostly commonly answered incorrectly. When asked 'Why Pay More' most companies are advised to look at the rate and to shop around for the best rate or use a broker. The rates portion of your bill accounts for only 40-50% of your total bill depending which tariff you are on.



Electricity in Ireland is dictated by gas prices which, as with all commodities, fluctuate. Providers using analysts trade futures on Gas to secure their best prices. The energy market is very competitive and it is in the interest of the provider to be in a position to provide cost effective energy to its customers.

Benefits of Energy Profile Analysis for Business

Long-term Planning

Companies have a better understanding of their energy consumption patterns, enabling them to forecast future needs more accurately and to design long-term strategies.

Increased efficiency

Measures put in place during energy analysis result in more efficient use of energy, leading to better productivity and fewer wasted resources.

Sustainable Energy Usage

Companies can reduce their overall energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint through energy analysis, resulting in more sustainable practices.

Enhanced Safety

With better management of energy resources, businesses can reduce the risk of safety hazards and emergency issues related to energy usage.

Energy Profile Analysis Process

It is virtually impossible to avoid all of these charges as most businesses demand different amounts of power over a 12 month period.

We go through your bills over the past 12 months and analyse the usage. We then break this down for you and make recommendations to change your MIC if required. We will handle all the paperwork and through the Digren Energy Bureau we can monitor your new charges for the year ahead and benchmark them against the previous 12 month period.

Our profiling service is very closely linked to our procurement and risk management service. Both services combined are designed to maximise your savings and fix your costs for the coming year.

Data Collection

Data collection of the last 12 energy bills of your business.

Analysis and recommendations

Usage and energy efficiency analysis


We will make recommendations to improve your energy efficiency and consumption.

Action plan and monitoring

Carrying out improvements and monitoring of energy performance.


Energy Profile Analysis Brochure

If you want to know more about energy profile analysis, please see our brochure.

Digren Energy Affinity Deals

Most Providers offer affinity deals that provide members of the association or group with preferential rates. However, in many cases these don't work as effectively as they could. It is very difficult to provide a specific 'one rate fits all' solution. Invariably, some members of the association win and others don't.



Those that don't will not avail of the 'offer' in following years. With members dropping from the affinity deal the rate increases and the effectiveness dwindles

The Digren Energy Affinity Deal is unique, in so far as we carry out a full analysis for all members, initially to ascertain the viability of the Affinity Deal. Once completed, we present a proposal to the association which generally includes offers for different meter types through multiple providers.

Provides rates across different Tariff bands

Offered through a number of Providers

Provides quarterly tracking reports

Continuous monitoring and advice

Individual Energy Profile analysis per MPRN per client

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