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The energy of tomorrow within reach for your company

With solar panels you will not only generate sustainable energy, you will also reduce and optimise your energy consumption.

Optimise your energy and financial consumption with a personalised photovoltaic solar panel system. Investing in commercial solar panels will allow your company to significantly reduce its energy costs and benefit from tax incentives. With the flexibility of energy management generated by solar systems, you can sell excess energy and improve your corporate responsibility profile. The right choice of system and technology, along with professional advice from experts, can ensure a profitable investment in the short and long term.

Benefits of using Solar Energy in Business

Commercial solar panels have become an increasingly popular and cost-effective option for businesses in different sectors looking to reduce their energy costs and contribute to the environment.


These solar energy systems harness the sun's energy to generate electricity in a clean and sustainable way, allowing businesses to save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, solar panels also offer a number of other benefits, both economic and environmental, making them a smart investment for any business.

Reduce energy costs

Solar energy is a cheap renewable source of energy and can therefore significantly reduce electricity costs for the company.

Reducing grid dependency

By generating its own electricity it does not depend on traditional energy sources.​

Reduce carbon emissions

Power generation will be clean and carbon free.

Increased profitability

By reducing electricity costs and increasing efficiency, solar energy allows the company to increase its profitability.

Perception-Enabled Technology

Ensuring the highest quality

At Digren Energy we recommend quality solar PV systems to our customers and offer a consultancy service to ensure that a solution is offered that fully meets your needs. 
Our aim is to provide you with a detailed overview of solar PV systems and give you an insight into the different types of systems available. Before commissioning any system, it is imperative that you understand what your needs are (consumption, load, operating hours, peaks, etc.) and the constraints involved. To do this, it is important that you first understand what solar PV is and how it works.

Powering Sustainability

We are committed to driving sustainability through efficient and responsible energy management solutions. With our more than 10 years of experience, we offer innovative solutions to optimise the use of energy resources and reduce environmental impact. 


Each of our projects promotes sustainable energy management for a better future.

Installation process of solar panels for companies


Site assessment

Depending on the type of solar panel your business needs, we look for the most optimal location and orientation.


Consumption Analysis

Depending on the energy consumption that your company needs, we will determine the amount of solar panels you need, without excesses or shortages.


Formalities and Permits

We take care of government permits and any other necessary legal requirements.


Mounting and Connection

We will choose the best quality solar panels for you. Then our engineers will install and connect the solar panels to the grid. 



With our monitoring systems you can see how much energy you are producing and see the consumption in real time.

Types of Solar PV Installation Options

Roof Mounted Applications​

Roof-mount solar panels are a good choice for most commercial properties that naturally faces the sun.


They are especially beneficial on larger commercial facilities, in fact, any building with a large roof that is easy to access has the potential for a solar installation.


Solar panels can be mounted on slates, asphalt, sheet metal, tile and practically any other type of substrate, on both flat and sloped roofs.

Benefits of roof-mount solar

  • Easy to integrate into your business

  • Use existing space

  • Can be installed with minimal disruption to your property

  • Quick and easy process

  • Reduce wear and tear on your roof

Disadvantages of Rooftop Mounted

  • Needs good sun exposure

  • With a small roof, the installation of panels is limited

  • Few panels generate few electricity

Funding & Production

Financing of Solar PV through Power Purchase Agreement

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is an agreement between a solar company and a customer that states that the solar company will install a solar power system on the customer's premises at no upfront cost. In return, the customer agrees to purchase an agreed amount of electricity at a discounted price for a set period of time. This is known as an on-site PPA, as the electricity is supplied directly from the customer's solar system.



The PPA defines the terms of the agreement, such as the amount of electricity to be supplied, the prices negotiated and any penalties for non-compliance. The typical duration of a PPA is 15 to 30 years. This type of agreement is beneficial for large electricity consumers, as it allows them to control their energy costs and reduce the risks associated with market prices.



By entering into an on-site PPA, the customer not only obtains a renewable energy source without incurring the investment costs of the solar system, but also has the certainty that its supply price will remain stable during the contract period. In addition, the PPA includes a lease clause that allows the installer to have access to the customer's roof and to be responsible for the maintenance of the system for the duration of the contract.

Potential monthly output of a PV system

PV systems will produce much more energy in the summer months due to longer daylight hours, clearer weather and the sun being higher in the sky. A PV design should clearly show the potential monthly output of the system.

This example chart shows the expected output per month for a 72 kWp PV system based on PVGIS data from 2017 - 2020. Direction of panels is due South and the panel is tilted 30 Degres from horizontal.

* Note that this is potential output, if the energy cannot be used in some way e.g. direct use, storage battery or export, the PV system will automatically limit output.

Why engage with Digren Energy?

As an energy consultancy, our stance on energy management is very simple. We treat energy as a resource not a commodity and therefore we believe that if you focus on energy reduction then all the other pieces fall into place (cost reduction, carbon reduction, improved sustainability and more).

If you are in a position to microgenerate all or a part of your energy requirement this opens up many opportunities for you. The primary one being that you can put yourself in control of your energy. One thing we’ve noticed from our clients is that those who have micro generation on their site (Solar and/or wind) are far more conscious of energy consumption than those who are 100% grid reliant. It’s the same as a driver of a full EV is more conscious of efficiant driving over a petrol or diesel driver.

Our objective at Digren Energy is to assist you with all aspects of energy management. An important part of this is ensuring that any micro-generation system being considered is best suited to your needs. We do not sell or install any Solar PV product so we are not constrained with manufacturers or distributors limitations. We can help you make the decision which is best for your organisation going forward. We will guide you through the different options and clarify any areas which appear to be vague.

Bear in mind, implementing a micro-generation system is a big step and needs to be done correctly. Digren Energy are here and happy to help.




You're probably

  • What is an energy management company and what does it do?
    An energy management company is a company in charge of providing services and solutions to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings, industries or municipalities. Its goal is to optimise energy use and reduce costs through the implementation of technologies and measures that enable more efficient consumption. The activities and services that energy management companies can perform include: Energy audit: This consists of carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the energy installations and processes of a company or entity, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Design and implementation of energy management systems: Responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan for efficient energy management, setting clear objectives and targets and proposing measures and technologies to achieve them. Installation of measurement and monitoring systems: These systems allow real-time measurement of energy consumption and the detection of possible deviations or anomalies that may arise. Energy efficiency advice and consultancy: They guide companies on how to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint by adopting sustainable measures and technologies. Renewable energy implementation: Helping companies to integrate renewable energy sources into their processes, such as solar, wind or biomass, which helps to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. And much more
  • Why is it important to work with an energy management consulting?
    Working with an energy management company can be beneficial for a company for several reasons: Cost reduction: An energy management company will analyse and optimise a company's energy use, which can result in a significant reduction in energy costs. Improved energy efficiency: The energy management company will help identify and correct possible inefficiencies in energy use, which in turn will help reduce consumption and costs. Compliance with regulations and standards: The energy management company is also responsible for ensuring that the company complies with regulations and standards related to energy use, avoiding potential fines and penalties. Reducing environmental impact: By improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources, the company can also reduce its environmental impact and contribute to sustainability.
  • Why Digren Energy?
    Since 2012 we have been helping all business sectors and local authorities to save and manage their energy. Our approach is focused on reducing consumption, we achieve this through our personalised and continuous strategy over time, we do not limit ourselves to the first study, we will keep in touch with you to always offer you the best deal. As energy consulting firm, we work with companies to manage energy costs, ensuring the best energy solutions are found to reduce consumption.


Make it Solar Work for you

If you would like to know more about photovoltaic solar energy, please see our brochure.

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