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Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Points

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular and consequently the national grid is increasing. We are focused on delivering turnkey engineered commercial EV charging solutions.


Environmental awareness and legislation are driving the EV market and in our opinion it is essential that businesses are given the right information and options to enable them achieve what is the best fit for their business. We can help you on this journey from general enquiry to installation.

What is the benefit to businesses using EV?

Reduction of transport costs for companies

Significantly lower running costs than their internal combustion engine equivalents.

Offers companies the opportunity to participate in innovative transport projects that address environmental issues.

Demonstrating corporate social responsibility

What do we do in the EV points process?

We carry out a full site survey identifying your key current and future expectations for EV. We analyse all costs and provide a number of solutions as best options for your business.

EV charge points are not complex but do need to be fit for purpose and clients need to know exactly what costs are involved in putting the infrastructure in place, including additional insurance.


Site survey


Present full analysis and proposals.


Sign off on project


Sign off on finance


Implement, project manage

Cost of installing a recharging point

The cost of the actual charger is only one small aspect of getting an EV charge point installed. Mains supply power needs to be brought to the charger and this requires electrical and civil works. Also, crash barriers, space markings and shelter if necessary need to be in place. All costs, need to be considered.


Potential revenue from an Electric Vehicle Charger


Many factors need to be considered. The simplest formula is your capital cost plus the cost of the electricity used versus the cost charged by you for the electricity. How often this is used will dictate the revenue. There is full interoperability among the charging points now so an EV charge point site can easily be located through a number of APPS.

Enquire about EV Charge Points 

If you are interested in a free, no-obligation quote, simply complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you for submitting, we will contact you within 72 working hours.

Frequently asked questions

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

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Electric Vehicle Ultrafast (EV) Charging Points

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