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Energy Markets Intelligence

It is crucial for large energy users to audit and validate their energy bills constantly in order to ensure that they are only paying for energy they have used.

We check energy bills against actual consumption and correct any errors encountered as quickly as possible. Energy Markets Intelligence is not just simply checking the rates. It does include verification of contractual rates but also verifies all pass through charges and calculations.

Energy Markets Intelligence Validation Include

Calculation of charges and finance reporting

Use of actual data for charges and accruals

Preparation of utility budgets and forecasts

Full variance analysis and reporting

Simple steps to validate your electricity bill

Gether data
Input data
Validate data

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why energy market intelligence is important?
    Energy market intelligence is important because it allows businesses to remain competitive in the ever-evolving energy marketplace. It provides accurate insights into market trends, pricing, demand, and supply to help businesses plan, allocate resources, and take action. With this information, businesses can anticipate shifts in the market and gain an edge over competitors. Additionally, market intelligence can be used to develop new products and services to better serve customers and increase profits.
  • What are the benefits of energy market intelligence ?
    1. Get insights on cost savings: Energy market intelligence can help you identify potential cost savings in your energy supply portfolio. As a consumer, you can compare suppliers and tariffs to get the best deal available. 2. Track energy market trends: Energy market intelligence allows you to track and forecast changes in the energy market. Knowing the trends in the industry can help you anticipate the prices that your suppliers will charge in the future, and strategize accordingly. 3. Develop strategies to reduce energy consumption: Analyzing energy market intelligence can help you develop strategies to reduce your energy consumption and improve energy sustainability in your organization. 4. Make informed decisions: By having access to energy market intelligence, you can make informed decisions that are strategically beneficial to your organization. This could include making the right investment decisions, or choosing the correct type of energy generation. 5. Generate profits: By making smarter energy supply decisions, you can increase your profits and become more competitive in the energy market.

Bill Validation Brochure

Read more about bill validation in our bill validation brochure


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