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About Us

We are an energy management consultancy. Providing energy management services to all business sectors and local authorities. Our focus is on consumption reduction. We provide a unique energy management consultancy service tailored to our clients specific requirements and budgets.


1. Energy assessment: We carry out assessments and audits to establish a baseline on current energy usage. These assessments identify where energy is being wasted.

2. Measure and monitor: We focus on where energy is being wasted as this is the easiest 'no cost' reduction to be achieved. We assess all other energy reduction opportunities and set a site specific energy plan to implement these over an agreed period. We implement a monitoring system to suit the site.


3. Implement and monitor: Through our digren energy bureau (DEB) we engage with our clients and assist in the implementation of the energy plan to ensure its success.


4. Energy Management Plan (EMP): Every business needs an energy management plan specific to their needs. An EMP should be set out over three years with clear targets.


5. Risk Management: We actively source the most competitive rates on the market best suited to our clients usage. Providing market intelligence and trading options to minimise risk and maximise savings. We issue monthly reports and bill reconciliation to allow customers to stay on top of their energy costs.

Meet The Team


Ciaron King

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Managing Director 


Jeff Hunter

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Managing Director


Mike Nugent

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Sales Director


Bea Royuela

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Operations Manager


Alan Hunter

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Operations Director


Declan Hynes

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Electrical Engineer


Sean Duignan

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Energy Consultant


Vincent Kelly

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Energy Consultant


Graham Bradshaw

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Energy Consultant

Siobhan Stella Digren Energy.jpg

Siobhan Stella

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Project Manager

Ziggy Digren Energy.jpg

Jonathan Mooney

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Accounts Manager

Matias Morrin Digren Energy.jpg

Matias Morrin

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Digital Marketing

Our Accreditations

Safe Electrical Registered
ISO9001 - 2015 BD EN ISO 9001:2015
Cert No: 000656
Member Ashrae No: 5192849
Member AEE No: 142736
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