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Energy Procurement

Digren Energy is an independent energy consulting firm specialising in commercial energy procurement.  

When you contact Digren Energy for a quote on your commercial energy deal, we’ll check prices and tariffs with all the major providers in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. In addition, to checking tariffs we analyse  the bill to see where additional reductions can be achieved.  These savings can be significant.  In many cases, there is no need to even change your existing provider.  Our primary objective is to reduce your cost but also to FIX THESE COSTS from rising for a period of up to three years.

Achieving the right price does not just involve checking the current market rates. It’s about trends.  We follow the ICE (International Continental Exchange) to analyse market trends enabling us to develop a tailored strategy for your energy requirements for the coming years.  Ireland’s electricity tariffs are governed by gas prices (not oil).  Although, gas prices fluctuate significantly throughout the year the one certainty is that year on year rates increase. The prediction is that prices will continue to rise in the coming years. 

Even if you are in a current contract with a provider we can, in certain cases, advance buy your energy and have a provider issue a contract with a future start date.  In Ireland these are generally no longer than 3 months from end of existing contract but in the UK contracts can be issued with fixed prices for up to 12 months start date. Did you know that in some circumstances you can buy your energy in advance? We can set up your next contract now with a start date up to 12 months down the line. This enables you to price protect your business from next year’s energy price increases


Summary objectives of targeted procurement:

  • Provide additional support to your overall strategic and business planning.

  • Pair your requirements to relevant suppliers and energy options.

  • Better control and risk management of your energy costs.

  • Provide short, medium and long term analysis of fundamental and technical market drivers.

The process is very simple and in general proposals can be generated within a couple of days.  You’ve nothing to loose but potentially lots to gain.

Read more in our 5 Step Procurement Strategy:

5 Step Procurement Stratergy

Please download our latest brochure with all our services & information.

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