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Commercial Energy Procurement

Energy procurement can be complex and time consuming. There is an abundance of information available which in many cases only complicates the issue. We are an independent Irish owned energy consultancy practice who’s objective is to help you implement an energy plan for your organisation.

When you contact with us for a quote on your commercial energy deal, we’ll check prices and tariffs with all the major providers in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. In addition, to checking tariffs we analyse the bill to see where additional reductions can be achieved.


These savings can be significant. In many cases, there is no need to even change your existing provider. Our primary objective is to reduce your cost, but also to fix these costs from rising for a period of up to three years.

Achieving the right price does not just involve checking the current market rates. It’s about trends. We follow the ICE (International Continental Exchange) to analyse market trends enabling us to develop a tailored strategy for your energy requirements for the coming years.


Although, gas prices fluctuate significantly throughout the year the one certainty is that year on year rates increase. The prediction is that prices will continue to rise in the coming years.

Even if you are in a current contract with a provider we can, in certain cases, advance buy your energy and have a provider issue a contract with a future start date. In Ireland these are generally no longer than 3 months from end of existing contract but in the UK contracts can be issued with fixed prices for up to 12 months start date.

What make us different?

Meter Profiling

We carry out a full analysis of your existing meter profile and assess if changes are needed. Using the Digren Energy algorithm we prepare a report for you outlining any proposed changes and how they would impact your bottom line.

PSO Levy adjustment

The PSO levy is a controlled cost and is applied the same for each provider. This charge cannot be changed. However, it is calculated on consumption with set rates for different tariffs. If through the tariff optimisation we have made changes then we ensure these are passed on by adjusting the PSO levy to reflect the amended tariff.

Hedging Options

Tariff Optimisation

Verification and review of your current energy tariff, where after analysis we present you the results and take the most optimal decision for the reduction of energy costs.

Tendering of seasonal rates

We look at the rates available from the different providers. We look at the summer and winter rate as well as the night and day rate. We profile this through the Digren Energy algorithm in conjunction with your previous 12 months consumption to establish if the proposed rates work for you. We engage with different providers to find the one best suited to your business

This applies to any of our large energy user clients. Gas dictates the cost electricity in Ireland. We monitor gas prices daily and provide support and advice to our clients. We can hedge the market with blocks of power adding additional savings. Our policy in regard to hedging is conservative and we have a clear understanding of what our client wants or expects to achieve

Summary Objetives of Targeterd Procurement
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  • Provide additional support to your overall strategic and business planning.

  • Pair your requirements to relevant suppliers and energy options.

  • Better control and risk management of your energy costs.

  • Provide short, medium and long term analysis of fundamental and technical market drivers.

The process is very simple and in general proposals can be generated within a couple of days.  You’ve nothing to loose but potentially lots to gain.

Enquire about our Energy Procurement 

If you are interested in a free, no-obligation quote, simply complete the form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you for submitting, we will contact you within 72 working hours.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why energy market intelligence is important?
    Energy market intelligence is important because it allows businesses to remain competitive in the ever-evolving energy marketplace. It provides accurate insights into market trends, pricing, demand, and supply to help businesses plan, allocate resources, and take action. With this information, businesses can anticipate shifts in the market and gain an edge over competitors. Additionally, market intelligence can be used to develop new products and services to better serve customers and increase profits.
  • What are the benefits of energy market intelligence ?
    1. Get insights on cost savings: Energy market intelligence can help you identify potential cost savings in your energy supply portfolio. As a consumer, you can compare suppliers and tariffs to get the best deal available. 2. Track energy market trends: Energy market intelligence allows you to track and forecast changes in the energy market. Knowing the trends in the industry can help you anticipate the prices that your suppliers will charge in the future, and strategize accordingly. 3. Develop strategies to reduce energy consumption: Analyzing energy market intelligence can help you develop strategies to reduce your energy consumption and improve energy sustainability in your organization. 4. Make informed decisions: By having access to energy market intelligence, you can make informed decisions that are strategically beneficial to your organization. This could include making the right investment decisions, or choosing the correct type of energy generation. 5. Generate profits: By making smarter energy supply decisions, you can increase your profits and become more competitive in the energy market.
5-Step-Procurement-Strategy Brochure
5 Step Procurement Stratergy

Read more about in our energy procurement brochure

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