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Maximise your business's future with Energy Storage

For an energy efficient and sustainable future through commercial energy storage.

Energy storage is essential for the future of energy because it offers the potential to move energy from one point to another, store energy for later use, and increase renewable energy use, among other benefits. In addition to the basics, energy storage also provides additional services such as frequency regulation, peak shaving, and islanding in developing countries.


As the world shifts to a more decentralised grid and energy sources become scattered and intermittent, energy storage will be even more essential to guarantee reliable and balanced energy supply.

Understanding energy storage for businesses

What exactly is energy storage?

Energy storage is the facility to store energy in different forms for future use in a company's operations and activities. This energy can come from renewable sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, or from conventional sources, such as fossil fuel generators.

Where can energy be stored?

There are different energy storage technologies are available, including batteries, thermal storage systems, compressed air storage and hydraulic storage, among others. Each company must evaluate which of these options is best suited to its needs and resources.

Energy storage as part of a sustainable strategy

Energy storage is increasingly used by companies as part of their sustainability and social responsibility strategy, as it reduces their carbon footprint and promotes the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy model. It can also contribute to the stability and reliability of the electricity grid at local and national level.

Benefits of Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage has become a crucial part for companies due to several factors. It allows the use of renewable energies, such as solar or wind energy, which are variable and not always available when they are needed. 


By storing energy, these sources can be used more efficiently and consistently. It also helps reduce energy costs by allowing companies to use stored energy during times of peak demand, thus avoiding costly spikes in electricity rates. 


Energy storage also provides greater reliability of electricity supply, as in the event of power failures or outages, businesses can use their own storage to keep their operations running.

Grid stability

Energy storage solutions can be used to maintain grid stability. They help balance supply and demand by providing energy reserves that can quickly be released if demand peaks or production drops.

High Efficiency

Energy storage systems are highly efficient. They are able to store and discharge energy while converting more than 95% of energy input to output.

Cost Savings

Energy storage solutions can help reduce annual expenses associated with generation and transmission. Systems can reduce a utility’s need to purchase peak energy from other sources, resulting in cost savings that can be passed on to customers

Renewable Integration

Energy storage solutions can help integrate renewable energy sources to a utility’s grid. They can provide surge support when wind and solar sources are at their lowest production levels. This helps reduce the volatility associated with renewable energy sources.

Energy Storage Solutions for any type of business

Experts in energy storage solutions

Our goal is to help companies find the most suitable and efficient energy storage solution for their needs. To do this, we analyse their energy demand, evaluate the available technologies, study the technical and economic feasibility of the project, draw up a detailed implementation plan and manage suppliers. 


We also supervise and control the progress of the project, offer monitoring and maintenance services once the system is up and running, always seeking to maximise the efficiency and success of the project. 

Reliable and quality technology

Digren Energy has partnered with Arbarr Electronics to supply our customers with a multitude of energy storage solutions.


We have a comprehensive service with full design and manufacturing capabilities.

We are able to provide the load layer, inverter layer, energy storage layer and energy storage management layer, Arbarr takes care of the details so you don't have to; offering true plug & play systems with data interconnect options to allow full integration into parallel systems. We are with you every step of the way to ensure project success.


Energy Storage Solutions Brochure

If you want to know more about energy storage solutions, please see our brochure.


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  • What is an energy management company and what does it do?
    An energy management company is a company in charge of providing services and solutions to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings, industries or municipalities. Its goal is to optimise energy use and reduce costs through the implementation of technologies and measures that enable more efficient consumption. The activities and services that energy management companies can perform include: Energy audit: This consists of carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the energy installations and processes of a company or entity, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Design and implementation of energy management systems: Responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan for efficient energy management, setting clear objectives and targets and proposing measures and technologies to achieve them. Installation of measurement and monitoring systems: These systems allow real-time measurement of energy consumption and the detection of possible deviations or anomalies that may arise. Energy efficiency advice and consultancy: They guide companies on how to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint by adopting sustainable measures and technologies. Renewable energy implementation: Helping companies to integrate renewable energy sources into their processes, such as solar, wind or biomass, which helps to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. And much more
  • Why is it important to work with an energy management consulting?
    Working with an energy management company can be beneficial for a company for several reasons: Cost reduction: An energy management company will analyse and optimise a company's energy use, which can result in a significant reduction in energy costs. Improved energy efficiency: The energy management company will help identify and correct possible inefficiencies in energy use, which in turn will help reduce consumption and costs. Compliance with regulations and standards: The energy management company is also responsible for ensuring that the company complies with regulations and standards related to energy use, avoiding potential fines and penalties. Reducing environmental impact: By improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources, the company can also reduce its environmental impact and contribute to sustainability.
  • Why Digren Energy?
    Since 2012 we have been helping all business sectors and local authorities to save and manage their energy. Our approach is focused on reducing consumption, we achieve this through our personalised and continuous strategy over time, we do not limit ourselves to the first study, we will keep in touch with you to always offer you the best deal. As energy consulting firm, we work with companies to manage energy costs, ensuring the best energy solutions are found to reduce consumption.

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