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All about Smart Energy in Business

Updated: May 13

All about Smart Energy - Digren Energy

Businesses today are facing increasingly difficult challenges in competitiveness via energy costs. Added to this is the need to use energy responsibly and sustainably.

To overcome this challenge, smart energy presents an ideal solution. This technology offers significant advantages such as cost savings and increased sustainability, which translates into better long-term performance.

In this post we will explore how any business and companies can benefit the most from smart energy. Let's start!

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What is smart energy in business?

Smart Energy is a technology that involves the use of intelligent systems to improve energy production, distribution and management. This technology is designed to provide smarter, more efficient and sustainable energy management.

This technology reduces failure time, which makes energy safer, stable and more economical for consumers.

Types of smart energy

Some of the types of smart energy for businesses are:

1. Business smart meters:

Business smart meters - Digren Energy

This system works by collecting real-time data from users' devices. This allows greater visibility into energy costs and usage.

2. Solar Panels

Solar Panels - Digren Energy

Solar Panels help businesses maximize their green energy production through an efficient array of solar panels.

3. Smart grids

Smart grids - Digren Energy

Smart grids use advanced technologies to monitor usage and control the flow of electricity across the grid. This increases grid efficiency and offers greater energy flexibility for businesses.

4. Energy storage

Energy storage - Digren Energy

Energy storage include the use of storage batteries and other technologies to store energy for later use. This could help businesses reduce their dependence on the electricity grid and improve their security of energy supply.

5. Wind energy

Wind Energy - Digren Energy

These systems can be connected to smart devices to improve monitoring and control of energy production. This allows for more efficient energy management, generation of renewable energy at lower prices, and reduced dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Why is smart energy important in business?

Smart energy is important because it helps improve energy efficiency, enabling businesses to increase their cost savings and have a secure long-term future.

Adopting smart energy practices also improves security of energy supply and flexibility in selecting new energy sources. This contributes to the competitiveness of businesses, enabling them to earn higher profits.

Renewable energy positively affects businesses by helping to reduce energy costs. As the demand for renewable energy continues to increase, there are many opportunities to invest in renewable energy.

What are the benefits of smart energy for businesses and companies?

Benefits of Smart Energy - Digren Energy

The benefits of smart energy in business are many, here are some of them:

1.- Increased energy efficiency and reduction of electricity bills

Improved competitiveness and reduced carbon emissions. This contributes to a more sustainable future by allowing the possibility of using cleaner, renewable energy. It also helps businesses to make the most of the electricity produced and use it responsibly.

2.- Adopting clean and renewable energy and contributing to a more sustainable future

This allows for an improved image in the eyes of the public and by having a lower carbon footprint, which contributes to improved environmental sustainability. In addition, there is the potential for cost savings in the long term by reducing the need for further investment in fossil fuels such as oil and gas. This can translate into annual electricity bill savings and therefore better results for the company in the long term.

3.- Improvements in the security of energy supply

Smart energy makes it possible to ensure a continuous and renewable supply of electricity for businesses and households, without unexpected interruptions in supply, which can affect the production and quality of products. The costs associated with energy security interruptions are also reduced, and incentives are created to invest in clean and renewable energy.

To achieve these benefits requires investments, which we will call "challenges". Here are the main challenges of smart energy in companies.

Main smart energy challenges for businesses

Smart Energy Challenges - Digren Energy

1. High initial investment in equipment

Due to the high cost of equipment, many companies are not motivated to invest in smart energy. In addition, many companies lack the knowledge of how to start the implementation process and how to properly manage the smart energy infrastructure. High installation costs are also a challenge for many companies, as they must hire third-party companies to install and maintain the equipment. This results in higher expenses and increased complexity in the implementation process.

2. Requirement for appropriate and professional equipment

Providing the right equipment that meets the right standards can be costly, and therefore many companies do not have the means to afford it. In addition, not having the right equipment can result in malfunctioning or underperformance of the devices and consequently the results obtained will not be as expected. This increases the financial costs in the process of implementing and maintaining smart energy infrastructure.

3. Lack of knowledge and education on smart technology.

Many companies do not understand how to begin the implementation process, and the few that do, do not have the technical knowledge to manage the infrastructure properly. This means that there is a high need for education and training on the benefits and advantages of smart energy.

How Digren Energy can help your business?

We can help you and offer you energy solutions that adapt to the needs of your business.

Digren Energy is an expert energy consulting in Ireland. We have specialised services in smart energy solutions to apply to any type of business and make your energy costs more competitive.

We have extensive experience in different sectors and industries that support us, contact us for a free no obligation proposal of your needs.

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