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Renewable Energy and its Impact on Business

Updated: May 13

Renewable Energy and its Impact on Business - Digren Energy

In the last few years, renewable energy has begun to gain ground in Ireland as a clean and sustainable alternative to supply the energy demands of companies and businesses.

Changes in the Irish economy, focused on protecting the environment and reducing energy bills, have created an opportunity for companies to adopt clean energy and alternative energy sources.

This new development has led to the search for innovative solutions that offer flexibility and sustainability not only in terms of resources but also in terms of economics. In this article, we will explore in depth how renewable energies have become one of the main sources of energy.

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Renewable Energy - Digren Energy

First of all, we must be clear about what renewable energy is.

Renewable energy for business is a clean and sustainable source of energy originating from natural renewable sources such as solar, wind, biogas, biomass, tidal and other sources.

Irish businesses and institutions can generate their own renewable energy sources to reduce electricity costs and improve their carbon footprint.

It is important to know that, when building and generating renewable energy in Ireland, companies must take into account the legal and physical requirements. This includes ensuring that all construction sites comply with current legislation, such as local safety regulations, as well as national guidelines for renewable energy resources.

In addition, it must take into account appropriate land use and ensure that its construction processes are carried out under ecologically responsible conditions.

Is renewable energy a good decision for a business?

The use of renewable energy is increasingly important for Irish businesses, especially in a context of increasing resource scarcity and high fossil fuel prices. Renewable energy offers a cost-effective option for clean and sustainable energy production, resulting in further energy cost savings and a substantial improvement in the long-term carbon footprint.

In addition, there are several government incentives to encourage the use of renewables, making them an excellent choice.

Is renewable energy profitable?

Renewable energy can provide a stable source of energy over the long term, reducing long-term energy costs and contributing to a commitment to sustainability. If the technology and installation process are carefully chosen, business owners can recover initial costs over a given period of time and achieve profitability in a short period of time.

What are the advantages of renewable energy for business?


Advantages of Renewable Energy - Digren Energy

1. Reduced energy costs

Renewable energy generation in businesses helps reduce electricity costs by using an independent power source.

2. Increased sustainability

Using renewable energy instead of non-renewable energy, businesses can contribute to a lower carbon footprint and improve their commitment to the environment.

3. Economic security

Generating their own renewable energy, businesses can be more resilient to prices and disruptions in conventional energy supply.


Disadvantages of Renewable Energy - Digren Energy

1. High initial installation costs:

The initial implementation costs of a renewable energy system can be expensive depending on the type of technology used.

2. Volatile energy generation

Renewable energy is not always reliable; the amount of energy generated can vary depending on factors such as weather and demand.

3. Need for maintenance

All renewable energy systems need maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

4. Regulations and legal restriction

There may be limiting factors on the amount of renewable energy that a business can produce. Also, there may be legal restrictions on the type of renewable energy allowed in your area.

How many percent can a company save by using renewable energy vs. energy from gas or carbon?

Saving using renewable energy - Digren Energy

The percentage of savings will depend on many factors, such as the size and type of business of the company, the energy model, the performance of renewable energy and the availability of energy resources. According to several reports, savings can be as high as 60% compared to electricity generated by natural gas or coal. However, it is important to note that the savings depend on the particular circumstances of each company.

How Digren Energy can help you?

We are an expert energy consulting company. Digren Energy can help you design, develop and implement a renewable energy model to support your energy needs. Our experts will help you evaluate energy supply, pricing, available financial incentives, energy storage, as well as system design for renewable energy generation, optimising your energy use and making smart, sustainable and cost-effective decisions to help your business thrive over time.

Feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Contact Us - Digren Energy

How can my business generate renewable energy?

Depending on the location of the company, there are different ways to generate renewable energy. One option that companies can explore is solar, which could allow them to produce their own electricity at a low cost and without generating emissions.

Another option is a wind turbine, which could allow the company to produce its own electricity from wind.

It all depends on the company's resources and possibilities. For example, if the company has land, it is an ideal scenario to install renewable energy on site.

If you need advice contact us, we will see your best alternative.

How much does renewable energy technology cost?

Is renewable energy good for small businesses?

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