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All about Commercial Smart Meters

Updated: May 13

Commercial Smart Meters - Digren Energy

Smart meters have been one of the most important innovations in the energy sector in recent years due to their great advantages for companies to control their energy consumption.

In this post we will look in depth at all the main aspects of smart meters for businesses, such as their economic advantages, disadvantages and some of their characteristics.

What is a smart meter?

Smart Meter Example - Digren Energy

A smart meter is a modern technology that allows users to monitor and control electricity, gas or water consumption. It is equipped with sensors, communication modules, and a system for remote monitoring.

In addition, it can also be used to detect power consumption problems.

Are smart meters compatible with all companies?

Smart meters can be used by all companies whatever their size. Many smart meters have instant and configurable tools to adjust to the parameters demanded by each business.

What are the advantages of smart meters in business?

Energy Savings: Smart meters monitor the company's electricity, gas or water consumption, allowing any anomalies to be detected and generating energy savings.

Efficiency in power generation systems: Smart meters allow the business to adjust its systems based on fluctuations in consumption and, to some extent, reduce the cost of electricity or gas.

Easy to use: Smart meters are easy to use as they can be controlled remotely from a mobile device or computer. This eliminates the need for dedicated staff to collect consumption data.

Safety: By detecting potential problems with electricity, smart meters offer greater security. This also prevents unexpected power outages.

What are the disadvantages of a smart meter?

Initial cost: The installation of smart meters means a high initial investment, especially considering the long-term maintenance cost.

Vulnerable to technology: As the technology behind smart meters is constantly evolving, the equipment can become obsolete in a short period of time.

Privacy: Data collected by companies' smart meters may be processed by unauthorised third parties, which may harm the company's interests.

What’s the economic benefit by using smart meters?

Economical Benefits Smart Meters - Digren Energy

One of the main benefits of smart meters is the savings in the cost of electricity or gas consumption.

For example, a company in Ireland can optimise between 5% and 10% as a minimum by monitoring its energy consumption through a smart meter, this will always depend on the capacities of the business. On the other hand, they can also detect an energy problem in some of their machinery or find non-essential devices that are using the most energy.

Depending on the company, detecting energy consumption through smart meters can provide a global perspective of the company's electricity consumption.

Is using a smart meter in business economical?

It depends on the business. Smart meters have a high initial cost, although these vary according to the size of the business and the services the smart meter can offer. In addition, a budget will be required for maintenance, such as repair and reconfiguration when necessary. In general, a smart meter is a good long-term investment, especially for those businesses that need to monitor their electricity or gas consumption in detail and quickly.

Do smart meters use a lot of energy?

Smart meters are low-power devices. In addition, the modern technology incorporated in smart meters makes them efficient, so they will not require large amounts of energy. In general, a smart meter will use less than one kilowatt per hour (kWh).

How Digren Energy can help your business?

Contact Us - Digren Energy

We are an experienced energy consulting. From Digren Energy we can help and advise you on how to improve energy efficiency through smart meters. We take care of the whole process. For a free quotation please contact us.

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