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Sanitise With Sanity System

Sanity System generators are perfect for use in healthcare environments. Ozone gas is an eco-friendly and safe way to sanitise air and surfaces. 

Health care facilities must take extra precaution in order to be free from all types of pathogen infestation due to the high number of exposed patients that pass through the doors everyday. Unfortunately, millions of people confront the risk of contamination and getting infected due to the lack of basic necessities. These include proper sanitisation, clean water availability, ensuring hygiene and properly disposing of health care wastes.

In healthcare settings, hygiene and disinfection are factors of the highest importance. The risk of pathogen infection (e.g. virus, fungus, bacteria) and contamination (e.g. blood, saliva, urine, faeces, other fluids) represents a constant threat to the health of staff and patients alike.

Quality Control And Assurance 

Sanitising healthcare facilities such as General Practices and Dental surgeries where there is a high number of footfall per day is a crucial role in nullifying the potential threats to the health of staff and patients.

Ensure the health and safety of your staff, and patients with Sanity System ozone gas solutions today!

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