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Sanity System

Sanitise With Sanity System

The Sanity Electronic Sanitisation System is a safe, environmentally green, eco-friendly & portable Sanitisation System. Its Independently tested to eliminate COVID 19 as well as MRSA & E.coli. Operating since 2010 and now present in 54 countries. Sanity Electronic Sanitisation System is licensed by the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine in Ireland. 

Sanity Electronic Sanitisation System uses only air and electrical energy to disinfect rooms and vehicles. The unique “Safe System” captures and converts the residual ozone back to oxygen. The room or vehicle is available for use as soon as the programme has finished.


Sanity Systems

Sanity Electronic Sanitisation System is an effective and safe ozone cleaning technology. The system is safe, 100% eco-friendly and energy efficient.


This technology sanitises virtually any surface and fabric in vehicles, residences, offices, healthcare facilities, retail outlets- in fact, any facility where you want to protect staff, customers and visitors from potential lingering viruses, bacteria or unpleasant odours.


The fully certified technology is effective against COVID-19, MRSA and E.coli.

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Sanity System Brochure

Please download our latest brochure with all our services & information.

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